Monday, January 4, 2010

Just stuff I have learned!

Hi Everyone!            

You won’t believe what I have discovered about Chimps! Not everything thing I have learn is nice. Most of it is very sad. People are still selling chimpanzees on the internet as pets and to become entertainers. If that isn’t bad enough there are still labs doing testing on Chimps. They keep these Chimps in small cages and do testing on them and abuse them.

I thought after what happened with” Travis the Chimp” that laws would have been made. It was terrible what happen to Charla Nash but it was not Travis’s fault. Chimpanzees are meant to be in the wild. They are very intelligent animals. They are very social and live in family groups and we cannot force them to live like humans.

Did you know that when a baby chimp is taken away from the mother she mourns her whole life? This is happenening in Africa and and in labs.

Did you know when you go to the circus and see a chimp smiling he is not happy but scared? Chimps don’t smile. Their trainer’s beat, shock and abuse them. So when you are watching and laughing at the show. The Chimp is scared that if he doesn’t do what he is told he will be beaten again. When these chimps become 8 or 9 years old they get too big to control. So they end up in labs, people’s backyards, or small zoos. This is a sad and lonely life.

Save the Chimps is the worlds largest Sanctuary for Chimps. They have rescued the Chimps from the Coulston Foundation in New Mexico. This was a terrible lab that mistreated chimps for decades. They infected chimpanzees with human diseases and bred them for medical experiments.

Save the Chimps isn't open to the public but when you think about it that is good.  I know when I went to a small zoo last year and kids were throwing food and poking at the monkeys and chimps.  It was sad and the parents do it too.  This zoo was dirty and the Chimps were in small cages. How would you like to be in a cage with people laughing at you and throwing cookies and popcorn at you?  That is scary.  I know there are some zoos that do the best they can with what they have but there are small zoos that don't have the room for monkeys or apes.  Even though I love animals the gorillas and chimps.  I don't think I ever want to go back and see that.  Save the Chimps is clean and the chimps get good food to eat.  Best of all they can run free on their islands.

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