Monday, May 3, 2010


I had so much fun in New York! I went to a special lunch at the Four Seasons for Save the Chimps and got to speak to everyone about how I got started with the chimps. Everyone I met was really nice there and they do a lot to help the chimps. After the lunch they brought out a really big plate of cotton candy and that was the best!

In this picture is Triana Romero, Irene Crowe, me and the biggest plate of cotton candy!!!

I also got to meet Jon Stryker from the Arcus Foundation. He is really nice and he has done a lot to help chimpanzees. You can go to his website and read about how they support chimpanzees and human rights.

Me and Jon Stryker

When I was in New York I also went to the top of the Empire State Building. You can see everything from up there. So I took lots of pictures. Also I went to this fun place called Mars 2112. It is a restaurant where you take a spaceship to Mars and when you get inside they have aliens walking around and a game room.  This was so much fun!

Alien and me at Mars 2112

New York City is a really cool place to visit and I hope I get to go back again real soon!