Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi Everybody!

For those that haven't seen yet. We did it!!! Thanks to everyone who supported Make a Chimp Smile we raised $2500 to migrate a chimp. Save the Chimps Sanctuary will be announcing it soon. I will post it too!
I am really happy and everyone was so nice that donated. I couldn't have done it without everyone helping me spread the word.

I started this blog last December to migrate a chimp name Boy to Save the Chimps. He was lucky enough to be migrated before I raised enough money. Now he is able to spend the rest of his life being free on his island. If he wants to he can sleep under the stars. Or he can climb to the top of a platform and lay in the sun. He is getting good food to eat, breathing fresh air and spending time with his family. I can't wait for the new chimp to get there!

Boy at Save the Chimps Sanctuary
Fort Pierce, Florida

I have raised my goal up another $2500 to migrate another chimp. I have lots of ideas on new fundraisers so I will let you know when I post them. I will also put them up on the Make a Chimp Smile facebook group and twitter page.

There are still 60 more chimps that need to be migrated from New Mexico to Florida. I am so happy that Save the Chimps was able to rescue them from The Coulston Foundation. I am hoping more people will learn about what these chimps went through and want to help migrate them to one of the islands at Save the Chimps Sanctuary.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back Soon!
your chimp friend,

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  1. This is good to know that you have achieved your first goal. This is a good initiative you took for this little Chimp. I am impressed what you are doing for this animal. God bless you!