Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to Donate on My Blog!

It is me Brandon. I wanted to tell you the ways you can donate through my blog. First I put a firstgiving tab on the right of my page. If you click on that you can make a donation with your credit card. Firstgiving will collect the donations and once a month make a payment by check to Save the Chimps.

If you are my family or close friends and have my address you can mail me a check made out to "Save the Chimps". I will be mailing the checks in as they come. That way your full donation will go to my goal of $2500. Make sure you write down your full name, address and phone number. So you can get a special Thank You Note!

You will be able to watch my progress through my firstgiving page and on my blog.

My goal in starting this was to have Boy migrated. If he is lucky enough to migrate before I can raise enough money. All donations will still be going to Save the Chimps. It is very expensive to care for these chimps so every little bit helps.

Don't forget to Make a Chimp Smile!!!!
Thanks Bye


  1. Good Luck Brandon! I think you chose a wonderful cause to fundraise for. I am very proud of you. I am looking forward to reading your blog posts so that I can learn more about chimps. You should write about the sanctuary in Fort Pierce. I would love to hear more about it.

  2. Dear Brandon,
    Aunt Ruby is very proud of you for believing in a good cause and setting a goal to help Elway's dad migrate to Florida. I will make a donation but by check, so I will send it to your home address ok. I love you bunches. Keep me posted on your progress. Happy Holidays with your family and "YOUR" daddy! Yay! Love, Aunt R.

  3. oh by the way brandon.....the posted comment above that says "q" is aunt ruby trying to figure out how to post a comment. oopsie! hugs

  4. Thanks Aunt Ruby! I am so happy to see how many people donate. I am trying to get kids around my age maybe 3-6 grade to join my fundraiser and start blogging with me. Do you think kiki might want to? If you know anyone have them email me at I don't think I can raise the money alone.

  5. I admire your passion in helping Elway and his Dad. You have chosen a good cause. I have a passion for chimps too and support several sanctuaries as well as having been to Chimp Eden in South Africa. Good Luck on your goal and thanks for being a chimp lover!

  6. Hi Theresa
    Thanks I do love chimps! When did you go to chimp eden? I would love to go there too! Have you always loved chimps? If you have any ideas you can email me. Thanks for helping chimps too!